KarmaCircles is a peer to peer micro mentoring and
social learning platform

As a KarmaReceiver, you can find a mentor, request a meeting and get the help you need. It’s that simple. And… it’s free.

As a KarmaGiver, you get to offer expertise on your own terms. You also build your online reputation through our local currency…KarmaNotes.

How KC works?

For Karma Receivers

Request a Karma Meeting

Step 1

Find a KarmaGiver based on specific skill, keyword, group or location and request a KarmaMeeting.

Receive Good Karma

Step 2

Receive FREE advice from a global, diverse and exceptional set of KarmaGivers over Skype, Whatsapp, a phone call or an in-person meeting.

Thank by sending KarmaNote

Step 3

All we ask in return is that you thank KarmaGivers for their time by sending them a KarmaNote. You can also endorse specific skills to help them build their online reputation.

How KC works?

For Karma Givers

Decide which KarmaReceivers to Help

Step 1

Got 10 KarmaMeeting requests but only have time to help 2 Receivers? No worries, you get to prioritize who to help and how to help them.

Schedule a KarmaMeeting

Step 2

You have complete flexibility in how you schedule your KarmaMeeting: over Skype, Whatsapp, a phone call or an in-person meeting. Scheduling has never been this easy!

Build Your Online Reputation

Step 3

Receive KarmaNotes as a thank you from every KarmaReceiver you help. Develop your reputation as an expert in a particular area. Add to your good karma and online visibility.

Who Uses Us

Both individuals and enterprises use KarmaCircles. Our platform supports all kinds of affinity networks.

Accelerator/ Alumni Groups/ Events/ Companies/ Universities/ Coworking Places/ Organizations

Take advantage of the collective intellectual capital of your affinity networks by creating a dynamic knowledge sharing community.

In the news


KarmaCircles, a mentorship platform for skilled professionals to give and receive mentorship, has raised seed funding from angels across the world at a valuation of Rs 20 crores. The company's investors include Harinder Takhar (ex-CEO of PayTM), Zain Raj (CEO of Shapiro+Raj), Prasad Kaipa, Abaran Deep (Australia, Partner at PCI Group), Aseem Sood (CEO of Impact Measurement), and Mustafa Patni (USA-based serial entrepreneur).


Meanwhile, Deepak realized that however none of these conversations were documented and no track of any meeting was maintained. Deepak felt a need to create a platform to fill this void. He considered the thought “Why not have a platform where people can freely ask for help and share the gratitude for the help received.”


It’s that missing link inherent to social networking — the unbridled and in-person exchange of energy and real networking — that Karma Circles wants to capitalize on. They have created a platform on which professionals can directly connect with one another to request meetings or seek other services.


Not only does it push people to publically ask and give help but also helps you better your online reputation while increasing outreach. Unlike LinkedIn, we don’t think there is a professional connection unless there is a give and take.


What our users say about us!

“I have been actively using the platform and have concluded three meetings from the time I have joined. I feel that KarmaCircles platforms makes it seamless for you to approach anyone. People on KarmaCircles are eager to help and respond fast. ‘Meeting reminder’ feature proved very helpful to me. I am looking to launch my venture in retail and hospitality industry and thus wanted to validate my idea by talking to industry experts on KarmaCircles.”

“I have consulted Swati Mittal to understand the nitty-gritties of patent industry in India. It is my first venture and I am working on multiple business ideas. I found KarmaCircles very helpful and would like to be mentored by someone to help build my startup.”

“I had a telephonic interview with Akash Agarwal to understand the process for development of the product I am working on. I have already recommended KarmaCircles to my peers and would certainly engage with KarmaCircles community in future.”

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