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Ladies America

Ladies America
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This is a knowledge sharing platform for Ladies America. Join this group only if you are a member of Ladies America. If you are not, your account on KarmaCircles may be canceled.

Deepak Goel

Founder of KarmaCircles, Startup Advisor, Inventor, TEDx speaker,...

San Francisco Bay Area

Social Media Marketing Marketing

Sakshi Madaan

Vedica Scholar @ Vedica Scholars Programme for Women

New Delhi Area, India

Sales Management Marketing

Lindsey Mask

Founder - Ladies America / Ladies International Foundation

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Management Social Networking Sites

OnikaK Williams

Attorney Advisor

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Aishwarya Gumber

Student at Sri Venkateswara College

New Delhi Area, India

Teaching/mentoring Dance

Garima Mehra

I have my own rhythm for life n I am tapping my feet to it. :-)

Dehra Dun, India

Technical Writing Content Management

Hina Mansoor

Recruiter at Homecare.com

Washington D.C. Metro Area