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CoworkIn Circle

CoworkIn Circle
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This is a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform for members/alumni of CoworkIn - Connect, Create, Collaborate. Join this group only if you are a member/alumni of CoworkIn. If you are not a member/alumni, your account on KarmaCircles may be canceled.

Sakshi Madaan

Vedica Scholar @ Vedica Scholars Programme...

New Delhi Area, India

Leadership Marketing

Leena Soni

Community relations manager at CoworkIn

New Delhi Area, India


Mayank Khera

Practicing Advocate and Certified Mediator

New Delhi Area, India


Natasha Bhardwaj

I the soul is peaceful, loveful, blissful. ...

Noida, India

Communication Skills Leadership

Muthuvel G

Garments Manufacturer Founder at Tirupur Tees

Chennai Area, India